Commitment to the Client:
Sometimes It Takes More Than One Contract to Sell Your House.

Selling a home isn’t always as straightforward as you might think. There might often be harsh times when you will have to show patience and even work with more than a single contract to sell your house for the right price. However, the wait and patience are worth it and can get you an acceptable price for your house.

Lake Havasu City

We are here for you if you want to sell your home or property. The Runyon Team brings thirty years of experience to the table and understands that it often takes patience, time, and the right offer to sell your home without sacrificing the sales price. Whatever you need, The Runyon Team got it covered.

Our past is an indicator of our success, and our track record is a hallmark of our dominance in the market. Whether you want to sell your rental property or a residential estate, we are here for you.


The Lake Havasu City Havasu Deal

Before getting into the details of this deal, you need to know the crucial factors that made this deal stand out. The seller had lost hope and had almost given up on the asking price. However, our team worked round the clock to get the right deal and the final contract that worked per their requirements. The seller dealt with four different buyers and contracts before getting the final contract.

Once we got the right buyer, the transaction went smooth and fast and closed in three weeks. This was something of a miracle since the seller had to cancel four contracts prior.

Needless to say, our seller was very happy with her experience, and our team was also happy with the outcome. We didn’t have to downplay the value, and we got them their property’s worth.

This specific property had three huge bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,309 square feet of living space. The client had previously tried selling the home four times, and each time, the buyer canceled the contract in the final stages. This turned out to be discouraging for the client, and she had lost hope. This is where The Runyon Team stepped in to save the day and the deal.

How Did the Runyon Team Help?

Our team’s first job was to de-clutter the space and make it look appealing to potential buyers. Research shows that visual appeal is among the first elements that ultimately click with a potential buyer. So, we began our efforts there. Once the property looked desirable, the next step was to develop a fitting advertisement to catch the eye. 

As a result, we set an aggressive price for the home and promoted it, and spread the news through our network. Seeing the property’s true value and marketing made a huge impact.

The price was worthy of the features that the property offered to the buyers. There was a kitchen island, an open floorplan, and walk-in closets. Similarly, there was an electric oven, and washer and dryer. Moreover, the exterior also offered RV hookups. 

The property was also at the street level and came with a beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. It wasn’t a surprise that they had four contracts on such short time.

However, this wasn’t the only thing we helped the client with during the transaction. The client had issues understanding the transaction costs and closing charges associated with the transaction. So, our team was able to sit down with her, explain the different terminologies and charges, and enabled her to understand the entirety of the operation without issues quickly. We believe that an educated client is a satisfied client.

Moreover, we also sat down with both parties to ensure transparency from our end. Therefore, this is how the parties finalized some of the contract terms. We were able to negotiate a win-win scenario.

At the end of the day, our client got what she wanted, and the buyer purchased a beautiful home in a beautiful place. Despite the initial problems that the owner had run into, we solved all the issues and even got her the dream deal within just four weeks.


Why Should You Trust the Runyon Team?

When it comes to sellers, a superb offer is only the start. They require a seamless closure procedure. Every issue slows down the transaction, costs money, and adds a great deal of stress. We made certain that this did not occur. We delivered our customers an easy process in addition to obtaining a terrific sale price.

Not every similar property can sell in a few weeks. At The Runyon Team, we specialize in recognizing the genuine value and practical potential. This creates reasonable expectations for both buyers and sellers, allowing them to reach a mutually beneficial price. And as with this transaction, we used our previous experience to ensure a smooth close.

If you desire to sell your property or home for top dollar, you’ll want to engage with an agent that understands the market well and can predict what will sell and at what price. You’ll need someone who knows the neighborhood and can listen to the chatter. 

Agents that can successfully listen to you and understand your wants, priorities, and must-haves are essential. You’ll need a team that can act quickly with a beneficial offer to surge above the competition without entering a bidding war. 

This is what The Runyon Team offers at your disposal every time. We are well-versed in the art of understanding client requirements and modifying our proven strategies as per their demands. In the end, we can get you the price you deserve and help sell your property without any issues down the road.