Selling a Luxury Home:
Keeping Everyone On-Board When Challenges Arise.

Helping homeowners sell their property comes with different challenges; such challenges maybe from escrow issues, insurance, high taxes, or low-profit margin, to mention but a few. Indeed, most home sellers will want their profits to exceed their overall cost by a good margin to strike a good deal. To ensure this, you need a good real estate team to help you.

Lake Havasu City

Are you searching for a reliable real estate company/agent to help you sell your property quickly? Look no further. The Runyon Team is here for you. With over thirty years of experience in the real estate market, we have all the connections and marketing strategies to help sell your property for a good profit.

Not only do we ensure you get the best offer for your property, but we also have a track record of handling all issues that may arise during the process, thus ensuring all parties are satisfied.

The Central Lake Havasu City Havasu Deal

We recently helped a gentleman living in central Lake Havasu City sell his house by the golf course. He wanted to downsize to allow more time to enjoy our endless activities in Havasu.

Our excellent team worked round the clock to see that we got a good buyer within two days. Although it came with some challenges, we were able to handle them professionally and in a timely manner.

The deal looked perfect at the beginning, seeing that the property was in the desirable Residential Estates area and well upgraded. The swimming pool, garage space, views, and beautiful landscape were some of the attractive points of the property.

We got a handful of interested buyers within the first day of displaying the property across all our advertising platforms. Then one made the perfect offer at the exact price our client wanted and extended the closing time to allow the seller the time he needed to get to his next opportunity.

In less than 48 hours, we sealed the deal. Fortunately, we had an amazing escrow company involved in the transaction. Choosing the wrong partners in a transaction can slow down the transaction and increased transaction costs.

Both our client and the buyer had patience and took the time to work through resolutions in the transaction.

It is always our responsibility to keep everyone informed and help resolve issues. Our team of savvy negotiators was able to reach a consensus with both parties and resolved all matters amicably.

Knowing fully well that the best deals are always a win-win scenario for both parties, we were able to get the deal back on track in a way that was agreeable to the buyer and maintained the seller’s profit margin goal.

The entire resolution process was transparent, and all parties were satisfied.

This and much more is what you get when you hire us as your real estate agent. Not only do we facilitate the buying and selling of property, but we also go the extra mile to put a smile on the faces of all our clients.

Contact us today to take advantage of our over-the-top negations skills in your next real estate transaction.