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Selling for Well Over Listing Price—In Two Days

When an elderly homeowner wanted to downsize, her out-of-town children called us for help. They needed to get top dollar for her house, yet were unable to travel to town or spend time or money on making repairs or improvements.

Helping a Real Estate Investor Make a Profitable Deal

Helping an investor buy property presents different challenges. They keep a sharp eye on purchase price, closing costs, and ongoing upkeep, insurance, and taxes. Their profit has to exceed the costs by a good margin to make any deal worth it.

Help in a Hot Market; Giving Buyers an Edge

Buying a home in a hot market can be a frustrating challenge. The best properties often sell within minutes of listing, making it hard, if not impossible, to see your options and weigh your choices. When multiple buyers clamber for the same property, the price can rise quickly.

Facilitating a Win-Win Deal for Out-of-Town Sellers

Selling a property when you don’t live in town can be a logistical challenge. We know how to smooth the process, taking care of all the details and complexities. Selling 1940 Pima was just this kind of situation.